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Aluminum Welding Shop - Stainless Steel and Alloys - Houston, TX

Quality Welding: Attention to the Details

We are a custom aluminum welding shop in Houston, TX. We fabricate aluminum products for every type of industry especially the oil industry. We're also experts at welding stainless steel and other alloys. You can come to Bemis Sheet Metal to get precise welded fabricated products that meet your specs. Our trained technicians can deliver customized or bulk welding orders. Ask us about our in-house processes for stainless steel welding, or welding of aluminum, alloys and sheet metal pieces. We also experienced at producing welded tubular stock.

Types of Welding

Metalworking shops that provide welding services need to be set up for specific types of work processes. The placement of the electrode and torch and other elements is extremely important. Precision is everything in welding, and workers are also handling powerful and potentially hazardous elements. It's also important to protect the weld from contamination, and utilize the correct amount of power. Our technicians know how to control arc puddles and deal with other kinds of problems that may come up in the welding process — so that a small issue doesn’t turn into a serious crisis.

Welder Working

Investing in Equipment and Tools

This almost goes without saying for experienced welding shops — but not every business really knows how to invest in welding workspace equipment.

  • Helmets, gloves, visors and other personal protective gear must be in excellent in serviceable condition to ultimately be effective.
  • Hoods and vents must be properly positioned and made of quality materials.
  • Tables and work surfaces must be stable and clear of obstacles.

All of this is critically important for safe and precise welding results. The quality that a company puts into these projects determines the quality of what comes out. That’s the principle that we use to retain customers and build a reputation for quality.

Durable Stainless Steel Welding

When you need welding done on stainless steel for any need, get in touch with us. We specialize in welding stainless materials in Houston, TX, and the surrounding areas, and can provide anything you need. Steel is one of the most durable and long-lasting materials, so you’re able to use it in a wide range of applications ranging from manufacturing to the oil industry. Whether you need a single specialized piece of equipment welded for your manufacturing company or you need a variety of products made in large batches, we have the equipment, skills, and labor necessary to accomplish your goals.

Benefits of Welding Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a top-quality, durable, and dependable material used in many applications in a wide variety of industries. Unlike normal steel, stainless steel resists corrosion and rust, and it’s much more hygienic, allowing it to be used in industries like food service and medicine. Its durability also makes it perfect for heavy-duty industries like oil and gas, hydrocarbon, and manufacturing. Get in touch with our qualified team to enjoy the benefits of stainless steel welding fabrication including:

• Easy to Clean and Maintain
• Hygienic for Use in Food and Hospital Settings
• Durable and Long-Lasting
• Able to Withstand High Temperatures

Meeting Numerous Heavy-Duty Needs

Stainless steel is one of the most commonly used metals in a variety of industries due to its heat resistance, easy maintenance, and longevity. We handle welding stainless materials for industries including hospitals, construction and architecture, oil and gas, hydrocarbon, automotive and transportation, energy, and other heavy industries. No matter what you need to use your welded steel for, we can provide precisely what you need.

Welding Training

At Bemis Sheet Metal, we train each individual technician on all of the core ideas that they need to be successful in welding and creating customized products.

By cross training and investing more in internal skills, we’re able to put together and fabricate a larger spectrum of products — with more precise finished pieces, and better customer satisfaction.

Have a dialogue with Bemis Sheet Metal about how we support businesses in physical industries. Let us be a part of a superiors supply chain that crafts consistently high-quality pieces. Ask us about our track record in welding alloys for client companies

Contact us to schedule services from our skilled team. We are based in the Houston, Texas, area.